Top 20 Azure Serverless Blogs of 2019

2019 has been a great year for Azure enthusiasts with loads of exciting announcements and updates ranging from Logic Apps ISE to Azure Functions 3.0! So, with Azure Serverless stack booming to a great extent, I saw some awesome blogs pouring in from several experts. This came up as an inspiration for me to cover the “Top 20 Azure Serverless blogs of 2019” that captured the attention of the audience over the year.

Last year, I curated the “Top 15 Azure Serverless blogs of 2018” and it received a very good response in my social channels!

Help yourselves get a better insight into the Azure Serverless highlights of the year. And I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Ordered queue processing in Azure Functions with Sessions

Jeff Hollan | Program Manager (Azure Functions)

Previously, ordered queue processing in Azure Functions was only possible with event streams like Azure Event Hubs. But, this blog identifies how you can preserve order for Service Bus Queues and Topics as well!

Autoscaling Made Simple With KEDA v1.0

Tom Kerkhove| Microsoft Azure MVP

Tom Kerkhove gave a brief on what users can expect from KEDA v1.0 and how it makes application autoscaling a lot simpler.

Azure Logic Apps vs Microsoft Flow, Why Not Both?

Kent Weare | Integration MVP

Though Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow are used to built orchestration, there are few key differences to consider before you decide which one suits your organization. Figure out now.

Sync Folder with Azure Blob Storage

Thomas Maurer | Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Learn how you can keep your local folder running on a server or even on a client device synchronized with Azure Blob storage with this blog.

Transactional messaging with Azure Functions and Service Bus

Sean Feldman | Microsoft Azure MVP

Get an insight into how transactional message processing with Service Bus and Azure Functions provide great benefits to the users!

Azure Service Bus Topologies

Daniel Marbach | Solutions Architect at Particular Software Ltd

Discover how a good topology allows decoupling senders from receivers and publishers from subscribers by efficiently exchanging messages between clients connected to Azure Service Bus.

Azure Blob Storage vs File Storage

Nadeem Ahamed | Technical Product Marketer (Serverless360)

One of the significant capabilities that Microsoft Azure provides is the ability to migrate to different storage options if required. This blog will help you choose between the two most sought after storage options in Azure -
Blob storage and File storage.

A quick how-to send data from Azure Logic Apps to Log Analytics

Richard Hooper | Microsoft Azure MVP

As the title mentions, learn the step-by-step procedure from Richard Hooper on how to send data from Logic Apps like queue size, amount of messages and the VMSS node count to be in log analytics.

Backup & Restore Key Vault Secrets via Logic Apps

Justin Yoo| Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

In this post, Justin Yoo uses the Azure Logic App workflow and the Managed Identity feature to backup and restore secrets stored in an Azure Key Vault instance.

Azure Event Hubs vs Service Bus

Surya Venkatasubramanian | Technical Product Marketer (Serverless360)

Azure Event Hubs and Service Bus - What’s the difference between the two messaging services? When should we use what? Find the solution to these questions with the help of this blog.

Azure Resource Manager templates — Deploy an AKS cluster with multiple node pools

Daniel Neumann | Software Engineer at LeanIX

Learn the step-by-step procedure on how to deploy multiple AKS node pools with Azure Resource Manager templates.

Develop Azure Functions using .NET Core 3.1

Jeff Hollan | Program Manager (Azure Functions)

Azure Functions 3.0 is now go-live and ready for production! This is certainly one of the biggest announcements of the year. Find out how to develop Azure Functions using .NET Core 3.1 from the expert himself.

Azure Durable Functions — Patterns & Best Practices

Steef-Jan Wiggers | Microsoft Azure MVP

Durable Functions allow you to write stateful functions in a Serverless compute environment. Get a better understanding of what implementing some of Durable Functions patterns can bring and what value it offers.

Moving from Lambda to Azure Functions

Jeremy Likness | Cloud Developer Advocate (Microsoft Azure)

If you are considering moving your Serverless functions from AWS Lambda to Azure Functions, this is the perfect blog to learn how! Know how to migrate your app, explore how resources in Azure relate to Amazon AWS, build a function locally and to deploy it manually.

ALM with Azure Service Bus

Michael Stephenson | Microsoft Azure Integration MVP

Get a detailed exploration of using Terraform with Azure Service Bus and how it can be of a great approach to Application Lifecycle Management of Azure Service Bus.

Creating automated reports using Logic Apps for Log Analytics queries

Thomas Thornton | Senior Ops Engineer at Kainos

From time to time, you may want an automated report to be emailed which displays a specific Log Analytics query. In this blog, Thomas briefs how this can be done using a Logic App.

Azure Functions and secure Configuration with built-in integration to Azure Key Vault

Tobias Zimmergren | Microsoft Azure MVP

Here is a quick read on how to protect sensitive configuration values in App Settings by using Secrets from a Key Vault.

Building a simple and secure DNS updater for Azure DNS using Raspberry Pi and Azure Functions

Jussi Roine | Azure Developer Audience Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

Get an idea on how to build a secure DNS updater for Azure DNS using Raspberry Pi and Azure Functions in a more simpler and lightweight manner!

Creating Cosmos DB Resources using ARM Templates

Sam Cogan | Microsoft Azure MVP

This blog throws light on the march update to the ARM template for Cosmos DB and briefs on how the resources ( databases, containers, and tables) can be created with a template.

3 Azure Monitor hidden gems you should use

Tom Kerkhove| Microsoft Azure MVP

Tom shares some of the hidden gems in Azure Monitor that helps users build an operable system and allows them to sleep peacefully at night!


I hope, this blog would have helped you to get a quick picture of the top 20 Azure Serverless blogs of 2019. If you enjoyed this piece, please feel free to share it so that others can find it too 😄

Do you think I missed your best content? Let me know in the comments, I will keep an eye on your blogs for the next year.

So, signing off by wishing you all a Merry Christmas 🎅 and Happy New Year 🎆!




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