Top 20 Azure Serverless Blogs of 2019

Ordered queue processing in Azure Functions with Sessions

Autoscaling Made Simple With KEDA v1.0

Azure Logic Apps vs Microsoft Flow, Why Not Both?

Sync Folder with Azure Blob Storage

Transactional messaging with Azure Functions and Service Bus

Azure Service Bus Topologies

Azure Blob Storage vs File Storage

A quick how-to send data from Azure Logic Apps to Log Analytics

Backup & Restore Key Vault Secrets via Logic Apps

Azure Event Hubs vs Service Bus

Azure Resource Manager templates — Deploy an AKS cluster with multiple node pools

Develop Azure Functions using .NET Core 3.1

Azure Durable Functions — Patterns & Best Practices

Moving from Lambda to Azure Functions

ALM with Azure Service Bus

Creating automated reports using Logic Apps for Log Analytics queries

Azure Functions and secure Configuration with built-in integration to Azure Key Vault

Building a simple and secure DNS updater for Azure DNS using Raspberry Pi and Azure Functions

Creating Cosmos DB Resources using ARM Templates

3 Azure Monitor hidden gems you should use




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